100 Incredible Vintage Photos

These powerful photos will transport you back in time! Roads? Where we’re going, there probably aren’t any roads. Ok, so maybe there are. While time travel hasn’t been invented yet, you can still journey into the past with this amazing, historic pictures that provide small glimpses into the past. No TARDIS or fancy teleportation devices are needed to visit not-too-ancient cultures or see cities come to life.  
These photos span across the 19th and 20th centuries, ranging from the late 1870s to the 1980s and were taken from all around the world. The vintage shots bring the past back to life. Like a time machine built by Kodak! Ever since the invention of the very first camera, cultures everywhere have been obsessed with documenting their lives through film. And thank goodness! Because looking through these amazing vintage photos makes learning about history way more fun than reading a textbook.   

Mercedes-Benz Owner in the 1970s
70s Punk
Bikini Girl on French Boardwalk, 1955
Proud Owner of a 1975 Caddy
College in 1930
Father and Son, 1937
Couple on a Date in the 1950s
Chicago, 1975
Disneyland in 1961
Stopping for Some Ice Cream in 1971 England
Greasers in 1950s New York
Harlem in the 1970s
Riding a Harley in 1955
50s Beach Bunnies
Dapper Skater in 1937
1960s Knit Top
Selling Lemonade in 1973
Young Man Showing Off His Mohawk in 1951
New Year’s Eve 1960
Young Woman in 1982 New York
Staying Cool in 1943 NYC Summer
High School Dance in the 1950s
Roadside Vendor in 1973 Oklahoma
Midwest Style in 1939 Omaha
Party Girls in 1965 Paris
Philadelphia, 1947
Skateboarding in 1982
1940s Street Style
On the Way to Woodstock in 1969
1940s Radio Family
Party Girls in the 80s
Beauty Pageant in 1920
Mill Workers in the 1920s
1930s Street Fashion
Miami in the 1930s
Birthday Party in the 1950s
Back In the 1950s, When Cigarettes Were Still Thought to be Good For You
Mothers in the 1950s
Flight Attendant in the 1960s
Burger King in the 1970s
Biplanes Fly Over Portland in 1920
Female Bootleggers in 1920
Gas Shortage in the 1970s
Boston’s North End in 1950
Boys Hanging Out in 1930s
Kids Playing in Brooklyn, 1943
Workers at the Capitol Hill Switchboard in 1959
Chicago, 1947