The 101+ Biggest Selfie FAILs in Internet History

More often than not, a selfie fails to capture whatever moment is actually happening. People making faces to make the selfies funny, exaggerating backgrounds, or including people who aren’t a part of the moment are the entire reason that really all selfies are failures, when it comes to good photography. But then there are the hilarious selfies that are actually entertaining. When something goes wrong, a selfie is truly at its best: pictures of people taking selfies at funerals, accidentally including a toilet or someone going to the bathroom while you’re trying to look sexy, catching your mom showering while you’re sending a sext, and sometimes even animals get into the mix. 
Here are the 101+ funniest selfie FAILs in the history of the Internet, from the Ellen Degeneres’s Oscars selfie fail where Liza Minnelli tries to get into the photo but doesn’t, to the one where a camel almost bites a girl’s head off, to the video of the couple that almost got struck by lightning. Or people getting gorged by bulls.

But mostly, these awful selfies are just people with horrible, terrible, no good, very bad taste. These are the worst selfies that the Internet hast to offer. Upvote the biggest selfie fails, downvote the ones that are okay. 

A Camelfie. The Kind Of Selfie You Take with A Camel. Right? AM I RIGHT?!

This Girl Shopping for Beige Rocket Ship Toys

What an Ass

Road Rage Selfies

This Reporter Taking a Selfie As She’s About to Be Hit by a Baseball

Protip: Know Your Cat’s Boundaries

Close Calls

‘Okay This Dude Taking A Poopsiedoodles, Or A Bad Angle Of Me?… Poopsiedoodles.’

There’s a Family Member Just Sittin There…

This Picture Where A Girl’s Arms Turn into A Butt

This Kid Who Took A Selfie with The Queen

To All the iPad Users

Texas Chainsaw Selfie

Alexander Graham Bell’s First Selfie

This Adorable Baby Being Held Hostage

Your “Boyfriend,” Huh?


Dog The Booty Hunter

This Cat Doesn’t Know Her Angles. Stupid Cat.

Spider-Man Dates Himself

This Guy At An Adult Elementary School Bathroom

This Dad Who Doesn’t Know How Wave Pools Work

This Store Attendant/Mom GETTIN SERIOUS

Liza Minnelli When She Tried To Get into Ellen’s Oscars 2014 Selfie


Thanks Grandma, I Look Really Swoll

‘Sorry, This Is MY Photo’

Grandma Lookalike

There’s Actually a Dollhouse…

Aw Yeah, Dawg. Check Out My Fat Dad ‘n’ Sh*t. Mmmm.

Jesse Pinkman Over Here

Another I Don’t Care, This Selfie Is HAPPENING.

Immediately After This the Old Man Open-Hand Slapped Him

Coffee With Dog Pooping

Wait, So Which Hand Is She Using to Drive in This Non-Traffic?

This Lady Knows What She Likes

His Body Is Ready

Grandmas Know That Toilets Are Just Chairs For The Dirty

Planes on Fire Lol

She Must Not Be Having a GOOD BIDET! AAHAHA

This Beefcake

The Original Bae Caught Me Sleeping

Check This Police Evidence Tho

This Walking Advertisement For Gun Control

Hey Grandma, Help Me Get Ass Dat Up Der. Yeah, Grandma.

This Person Who’s Disappointed in Her Hair

Hey Fellas, You Got 2-Ply at Home? I Don’t. Call Me.

These Blurry Eyed Girls Who Hate Their Friend

This Stolen Baby

Backdoor Matches the Bathroom Door

Full Monitor Screen, Blurry, Selfie

The Greatest Family Event Ever

‘Text Me Back To Let Me Know How METAL This Looks’

This Perfect Profile Pic for Future Employers

Wait, Where’s The Door, Are They Trapped In There?

When You Gotta Show It ALL Off

This Dude Who’s About to Manscape

Phone Becomes Self-Aware, Takes Picture Of Self

Just The Tip

Must Be One A Those Tornado-Savaged Houses 🙁


Waiting For Our First Jumpsuit #humpsuit #newthreads #behindbars #jailbirds #tweettweet

That Can Not Be Either of Their Best Angle

This Ryan Gosling Clone

Kim Kardashian’s Classic Sunburn

This Guy Took a Selfie While Driving His New Lampshade Home

Capturing Her Selfie, If She Took 20 Years From Now

Another Traffic Liar

Sh*tty Picture of This Hot Girl

‘Let’s See Some More A Dat Ass, Mom.’

C’mon, We Can Spare, Like, 4 Seconds! Okay, Thanks. Swipe Right!

Chocolate Rain

Full Laptop Selfie

When Full Length Mirrors Aren’t Handy

Geraldo Rivera, Because It’s Geraldo Rivera

This Claude Monet

Need Proof You’re Cool. Show The Can. The Can Illustrated You’re Cool.

Putting The Fun Back Into Funeral!

She Should Show An After With Her Bawling, Curled Up In A Ball (Bawl? LOL)

A Girl Giving British Teeth the Reputation They’ve Earned

That’s A Cup

This Classy Lady

OKCupid Profile Worthy

When Did I Miss the Empty Out Your Bank Account Photomeme?

Another One of These

Really Depressing Homeless Selfie #wtf #whythepeacesign

Pink Toilet Seat Cover

Confidence Is Important

This Proud Florida Mom

Another Auschwitz Selfie. Now with Headphones!

Not an Appropriate Selfie. It’s Always Too Soon.

Anne Frank House Car Window Selfie…