The 19 Greatest Playboy Cover Parodies

Playboy is so deeply ingrained in the fabric of American culture you only need hear the title to conjure images of grimy stacks of hidden magazines filled with delectable smut on stuck-together pages and defensive pseudo-intellectuals barking “I read it for the articles.” Given the social and cultural place of Playboy in the annals (anals?) of American media, it should come as no surprise to learn the Internet is rife with Playboy cover parodies. A number of these parody Playboy magazine covers involve popular figures from nerd culture, be they Thundercats, Princess Leia, or Jessica Rabbit. These Playboy parodies are ridiculous and hilarious, a fine cause to take ten minutes off work and have a laugh. 

Lola Lolita

Peaches and Cream

Who Framed Jessica Rabbit?

Lee La La!

Game On

The Force Awakened

Scooby Snack

Let’s Get Ready To Rubble!


She’s Crofty

The Future of Playboy

Sizzling Hot Bacon

Dat Mona

When Lady Became the Tramp

For Mr. Slave Only

Hurricane Sandy

The Olive Garden of Eden

Beauty Queen

We’ve Got Bush