19 Photos You'll Totally Read Wrong the First Time

Your mind is about to play some serious tricks on you. These are photos that you’re pretty much guaranteed to read wrong the first time. Maybe even the second time. They’re a series of verbal optical illusions meant to trick you into thinking you have a dirty mind. Because you do. We all do. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We’re animals driven by our animalistic natures, and word games like this are a friendly reminder of that. You probably just read this sentence wrong. Just kidding, there was nothing wrong with that sentence. Okay, now you’re ready.

Total Dick Move

Fast or Fart?

Orange You Glad You Read That Twice?

No Butts About It

Pepsi What?

Simply the Breast

How Flickering Becomes F*ckering

What the Sh*t!

Bag of Tricks

The Darkest Side of the Force

Meanwhile, at Megaflicks

What Can Brown Do for You?

Georgia Web Address Problems

Ask Don’t Tell

Stop Acting Like a Child

Balls of Fun

The Family Jewels

They Want the “D”

Bum Candy

Hot Box

Wet and Wild