19 Teachers Who Might Be Famous People In Disguise

Yet another Doppelganger phenomenon is spreading across the Internet and this time the target is teachers who look like famous people. Students all over the world are revealing teachers who look like celebrities and they have photographic evidence to prove it. In this amazing collection of uncanny celebrity lookalikes and teachers who look like movie characters in real life, you’ll see everything from Patrick Stewart’s professor Doppelganger to possible proof that Steve Irwin is alive. 
The next time someone argues against phones in classrooms, show them this slideshow of professors who look like celebrities. People need to know the important work being undertaken by students, who all appear to possess bright futures as paparazzi.

         Meanwhile, At Al’s Toy Barn

         How To Crocodile Hunt, 101

         The Other John C. Reilly

         It’s Edna Mode, Darling

         Good Will Hunting

         Professor Gru At Your Service

         O Captain! My Captain!

         Steve Jobs: The Later Years

           You Stay Classy, Professor Burgundy

         Professor Hitman

         True Student Detective

         Lord Farquadd, I Presume?

         It’s Easy, M’kay

        Mein Comm Professor

        You Know Nothing, Professor Snow

         An Inter-Species Breed: A Wolverine And A Penguin

            Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody In The Flesh

         I Am McLovin

         I Am The One Who Teaches!