The 20 Greatest Pillows of All Time

Buying comfortable pillows is honestly one of life’s most important retail decisions. The average person sleeps 1/3 of their life, so your bedding is the last thing you should try to save money on. When it comes to pillows, you gotta treat yo self! Start saving money now, buy the most expensive pillows Bed Bath & Beyond has to offer, and only purchase 800-thread count bed sheets or higher. But, before you go on that dream sleep shopping spree, make sure you consult this gallery of funny pillows and awesome novelty pillows. Seriously, these are some of the coolest sleep accessories you’ll ever see. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, and never underestimate an Internet photo gallery’s ability to change your life forever.

Shut up and Take My Money

Too Pool for School

Armed & Dangerous

The Dog Pillow

Rock On!

Sleeping with the Sharks

The Octopus Pillow

Thinking of You

There Will Be Blood

Farts Not Included

Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

The Office Pillow

Breast Pillow Ever

Safety First

Give Pizza Chance

Crazy, Stupid, Pillow

Hats off to This Pillow

Upton No Good

Air Biscuit

Getting a Leg up on the Competition