20 Incredibly Bleak Moments From Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield comics featured one of the best fictional cats, but have always been a little bland. The game changed when Dan Walsh decided to erase Garfield from his own comic strip, resulting in Garfield Minus Garfield. It provides a hilarious yet disturbingly depressing look at the suburban life of Jon Arbuckle. You can even buy a full book of de-Garfielded comic strips. Check out some of the bleakest Garfield Minus Garfield comic strips that Walsh posted online.

Yes, Yes, You Are


You At Least Remembered What “Happy” Was… Right?

As Do We All


That’s A Fine Dinner Though

If Your Pants Fall Down And No One Notices, Did Your Pants Fall Down At All?

Jon Arbuckle’s Mid-Life Crisis Realization

Thank God The Comic Is From The Waist Up

Jon Arbuckle Discovers Time And The Futility It Brings

Jon Arbuckle: Man In His 30s Or Teenage Girl?

That Moment When You Just Can’t

Life Purpose: Failing To Eat Ice Cream

Same, Jon


Me, Neither

Does Being An Expert On Ennui Count?

Is… Is His Crotch Fading Away?

Finally Broken

Garfield Written By David Lynch