21 Kids Who Are Terrified of Santa Claus

Ah, Christmas. That magical time of year when new parents for no real strong enough reason let their children sit on an elderly stranger’s lap because he’s dressed up as another person. Every couple kids you’ll get a crier – it’s only natural, especially because they’re not well acquainted with anything. One thing’s for sure, these kids wouldn’t be crying if this was Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause, because he’d have them in stitches. Also have you guys ever though of how Santa makes it to all these malls to make photo appearances at once? You don’t… wait… no… ooh, god I…. no….

This is a photo gallery featuring pics of kids crying while sitting on Santa’s lap. It’s hilarious. Kids are so weird, right? Almost as weird as this tradition. So upvote which child you think best captures total and complete fear while sitting on Santa’s lap. It’s all I want for Christmas from you, no gift receipt necessary.

Four in a Row!
Double Trouble
Santa Claus Recalls His Divorce
This Fierce Kid
Really Doesn’t Like Sweater Vest
’90s Kid Hates Being Grabbed by Strangers
Armless Kid’s Been Through Too Much to Care
“No No, Let’s Hire This Guy, His Smile Is Perfect’
This Kid Is Part Richard Nixon Mask from “Point Break”
One Tries to Make an Escape
Santa Finds Joy
They’re Watching the First 10 Minutes of UP
“I’m the Good One”
Flying Kid Tries to Escape, Claus Finds It Hilarious
Coffee Breath. Imagine It. Right?
Santa’s Face Says It All
“You’re Too Young to Miss Your Soul”
Another Homeless Guy Stole a Baby
“No, Just No”
He’s Holding Her by the Ribs Hahaha
Okay This Is Just a Homeless Guy
Arms Bound by Cute Parker