22 Cats Who Love Wine More Than You Do

You ever have a day that’s so rough that you wonder if it still counts as drinking alone as long as your cats are there with you? Well, the good news is that these days that argument is a lot less shaky given the recent introduction of a Japanesecat wine called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” that’s made especially for your feline friends. While the concoction doesn’t actually contain any alcohol (nor should cats ever be given any wine that does!) it does contain a special blend of juices mixed with catnip that’s got cat winos around the world engaging in a resoundingly epic group purr.

Here you’ll find a collection of some of the most adorable cats who love wine ever caught on camera. Some among the furry little connoisseurs you’ll meet below are actively engaged in lapping up some of the tastiest beverages the world of cat wine has to offer, while others are casting a curious eye at their fur-mom’s bottle of rose’.

“It’s Wino Clock Somewhere”

Fake I.D. Kitty Scores His First Merlot

Napa Valley Kitty’s Favorite Pairing is Wine with Himself

“I’m Not a Wino. I’m a Wine-Yes.”

I Don’t Always Say I’ll Never Drink Again. But When I Do, I Shamelessly Lie.”

“Shhhh, Give it a Minute to Breath”

“It’s Always Friday Somewhere, Right?”

“I’ve Rubbed My Gums on It. It’s Mine Now.”

“Is that a Hint of Cedar I’m Tasting?”

“One More for the Road Barkeep, It’s Been a Rough Day”

“I Give it a 7 for Fruitiness with a Faint Hint of Pencil Shavings and Bark”

Drinking Problem Cat’s Problem Revolves Around the Severe Lack of a Corkscrew

“What is This Magnificent Sorcery and where Do We Get More?”

In Wino Cat’s World, Every Day is Wine Wednesday

Hangover Cat is Currently Experiencing Hangover

“I’m Done when I Say I’m Done! Now Pour!”

“Scuse Me Ma’am, I’m Going to have to Commandeer this Tasty Beverage.”

“I’m Totally Not as Think as You Drunk I Am”

“Quick, Someone Top Me Off! There’s Too Much Blood in My Alcohol System!”

“Damn Our Lack of Thumbs!”

“I Only Drink on Days that End in Y”

Vineyard Cat Watches the Miracle of All those Wines in the Making

“Mmm, a Nice Grape-y Thickness with a Hit of Clover and Bark”