22 Pictures Only People Who Love LEGOs Will Understand

There are two types of people, those who love Legos and those who don’t. If you’re the former, then the one thing you want from the Internet is Lego memes, right? Great news: this gallery is full of them. For the uninitiated, the funny Lego pictures below might not make any sense, but for Lego fans, it’s time to laugh and laugh. Whether you’re a life-long lego builder, you stay up all night working on your MOC, or are just enjoyed The Lego Movie, vote up the memes and images below that best sum up what it’s like to love legos – from those dastardly flat tile 1x2s to the pain that only comes from stepping on Legos in bare feet.

That Dark Moment

What Is Done Cannot Be Undone

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

Can You Feel the Burn?

Did You Know They Transform? They Totally Transform!

It’s a Trade Secret, Tell No One

A Pain Like No Other

Nothing Lasts Forever

The Learning Curve… It’s Real

The Evolution of (Lego) Man

Some People Have it, Some People Don’t

We’ve All Been There

Families Multiply

Never Accept This Challenge


How Do You Propose to the Lego Lover in Your Life?

Lego Puns FTW

Just Try Not to Sing It This Way from Now On

If You Build It, Zelda Fans Will Come

Inside the Mind of a Diehard Lego Fan

Didn’t Think Legos Were Dirty? Think Again!

What Goes In Must Come Out