22 Sexy Cosplays Of Very Unsexy Characters

If you’ve been to any kind of convention that caters to nerds in the past ten years then you’ve certainly noticed an upswing in character cosplay. More often than not, the cosplayers get decked out in eye popping attire that looks even better than what the original character designers created. Unless you’ve been under a rock since the dawn of cosplay, you know that most comic and video game characters are drawn to be super sexy, either because of their lack of clothing or enhanced features. But some characters, like Velma from Scooby Doo, were created as frumpy, non sexual beings, and it’s only due to the dirty minds of a few cosplayers that the world is beginning to see hot dudes and sexy babes dressed up as our favorite sexually ambiguous cartoon characters
There’s an entire sub genre of cosplayers turning androgynous, or sexually ambiguous characters into sexualized concepts that would make their creators blush. This list is full of sexy cosplay pictures featuring characters who were never actually all that hot to begin with. This list is a monument to human imagination. After looking at these sexy cosplay pictures you’ll never again say that anything is impossible. Get ready to have your entire childhood ripped up, thrown into the air, and taped back together again because these cosplayers have taken your favorite asexual TVPG characters and made them downright NSFW.
Take a gander at these fine folks who found a way to make androgynous characters sexy with the help of cosplay.

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