25 People Getting Entirely Too Comfortable on Public Transportation

Everyone has a different comfort zone, and for some less considerate souls, that place is on no public transportation. There are plenty of funny public transportation pictures that prove this is the case. These are public transportation fails and funny bus photos showing people getting entirely too comfortable on public transportation.
The commuters on this list go way beyond the acceptable into the realm of the unreal. People on public transportation are funny, weird, and often crazy, so much so that it’s almost commendable. These pictures are proof of that.

Cutting the Cheese

Sir, Where’s Your Hand?

Risky Business in Real Life

A Great Seat Partner

Heads Up

Absolutely No F*cks Given

Wheels of Fortune

Setting the Bar High

Just Hanging Out

Hop to It

Seems Like a Good Resting Spot

Getting a Leg Up on the Competition

Rat Boy

Subway: Eat Fresh

Sleeping with the Enemy

Does the Mattress Pay a Fare Too?

Typical Millennial – Always on Their Phone

Under the Knife

Just a Little Shuteye

Cinco de Mayo

An Odd Bird

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