25 Times When Photoshop Trolls Won The Internet

Internet trolls occupy a unique niche often placing them on the fine line between vigilante and pyromaniac; their only concern is to elicit reactions either positive or negative. Given the visual nature of humans, photoshop trolls often evoke the most impressive and over-the-top reactions. Many people turn to the world-wide web when it comes to help with photoshop, a grievous error considering how ‘helpful’ 4Chan actually is. Instead of following requests for a girlfriend or great tits, funny photoshop trolls give the rest of the Internet what it wants: parent-level trolling, the kind of trolling mom and dad would definitely partake in back in the day had computers been more available.
The photoshop fails below may not be what the owners asked for, but it’s definitely what they deserve for asking message boards for photo edits. If you can’t figure out how to fool your friends on your own, you should leave lying, like photoshop, to the experts.

True Love Is a Crime

Taking Her Out

Breast Photoshop Ever

The Cure For The Common Duck Face

Down In The Dumps

Meet The Parents

Insane Photoshop Skills

Tank You Very Much

BFF’s Forever

Sister From Another Mister

Bushy Eyebrows

Head-Turning Photoshop

Total Dick Move

Total Bum-er

The French Connection

Break A Leg!

When Photoshop Artists Get Board

A Fish Out Of Photoshop

How To Remove A Bikini

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Photoshop Stink Eye

Mirror Image

Living Hand To Mouth

Tower Of Power