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26 Examples Of Silly Anime Logic That Fans Just Roll With

Anime, for all its greatness, often doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most fans will throw up their arms and declare, “Who cares?” After all, as long as a show is entertaining, you can forgive a few moments of disbelief here and there, right? While that is certainly true, anime has a nasty habit of asking its audience to suspend their disbelief over the most ridiculous things.

Oh, look, only the coolest student is sitting in the back corner of the classroom, looking out the window. They’re the only ones that like to look out at that nice, sunny view. Oh dear, that scantily clad woman is beating up all those muscular men in the most sexually suggestive of ways. Huh, that anime mom looks like she’s 12 and her teenage son looks like an adult. Yup, that’s anime logic.

All the most overused anime clichés and logical rationales have become so embedded in anime, no one gives it a second thought the moment they appear. Sometimes, you can’t help but laugh at their campy inclusions. Love ’em or hate ’em, anime wouldn’t be anime without these funny moments of reasoning. Here are the funniest anime logic memes that have ever graced the Internet. Vote up the most hilarious memes about anime rationale that will make you bust a gut.

Side Mouths IRL

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Contact Lens

Anime Hair In The Way

Anime Anatomy

Anime Minutes

Coffee Cup Sharper Than A Knife

It’s A Really Good Mask

How To Win A Fight

High School Girls Skirts

Makes Sense

When Sh*t Gets Real

Window Seat

Ninjas Ages Differently

Always Wear The Right Clothes


Less Clothes = More Power

Seems Legit

Anime Moms

Hot Girls Aren’t Legal

Anime Mouths

The Breakfast Of Champions

Know The Difference

Anime Hair Color

True Love

Taking Care Of Yourself

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