26 Hilarious Tire Covers Spotted On The Open Road

If currently in the market for funny tire covers or clever tire cover ideas, you are in the right corner of the Internet. While you probably see tons of funny cars on the open road, the clever tire cover remains more elusive. Jeep owners are known for taking chances, and the risks taken here show how it can pay off. This collection of the funniest tire covers ever literally covers everything from rainbow-farting unicorns to Kung Fu Panda redefined; there’s even a Trump cover to warn other drivers around you that you make reckless decisions.

Thankfully, most funny tire covers look much better than the usual car mod failure. Funny tires are just one of the ways Jeep owners love to entertain non-Jeep cars, and you should celebrate their ability to make one’s daily commute suck a little less. Though Jeeps are made for more tumultuous terrain, a clever tire cover can definitely help smooth things over. If you “spare” just a few moments on this list, you might get a tire cover idea of your own.

Stop Judging

One Smart Cookie

A Sign With Layers

This Calls For A Truffle Shuffle!

What Are The Odds?

Inroad Inception

Ready To Roll

Oh Deer

Staring Means Caring

Gotta Love It

Slow Ride, Take It Easy

One For The Road

How To Never Deal With Road Rage

Twisted Sister

Straight Up Baller

Me So Corny

Crochet Anyone?

That Just About Covers It


The Crying Game

Giddy Up!

The Missing Link

A Friend In Weed

Trump Tire Covers Are Gonna Be Yuuge!

Kung Fu Panda