27 Amazingly Epic Airport Pickup Signs

Every time you pick someone up at the airport is another opportunity to embarrass them with a funny airport pickup sign, and this gallery is here to provide you the needed inspiration. I mean, they made you pick them up at the airport. The least you could do to return the punishment favor is humiliate them in front of total strangers. Below are the most embarrassing airport signs and funny airport signs known to all Internet mankind.

Weathering The Storm

Call Of Booty

Pick Me Up, Baby!

Ladies First

Cereal Killer

Ooh Baby, Baby!

Sorry About Your Mom, Bro

Two Thumbs-Up


Dad Airport Pickup Jokes

True Airport Pickup Love

Just Say No To Airport Pickups

Bare Metal

So Hot Right Now

Man On The Loose

Who’s Your Daddy?

Kids These Days

Raising The Stakes

No Butts About It

Samsonite… I Was Way Off

Paging Mr. Snowden

Meanwhile, In Texas…

Carolina On My Mind

Welcome Home, Idiot

The More You Know…

Simply The Breast

Airport Pickup Goals