27 Hilarious Moving Day Fails

Moving day is what truly separates the men from the boys. It’s also what separates the people who kinda like you from your actual friends. Unless you’re super rich and can afford to pay for professional movers, moving days are easily some of the worst days of anyone’s lives. Each moving day is a guarantee of at least three new cuts on your hand, two leg bruises and at least one week of back pain. Moving days often lead to moving fails and while some moving moments are funny, most of them lead to us trimming down our list of friends as we get older so that we never have to help anyone move ever again. If these 27 pictures don’t get you in the mood to stay put and never move again, then nothing will. They could also motivate you to finally get your life together, but that’s not the point of being on the Internet in the first place, now is it? No. It isn’t. The Internet is for looking at these funny moving pictures.

How to Move Like a Hoarder

Don’t Even Trip

Physics, Shmysics

What the Truck!?

Moving Buddies Are the Best Buddies

Two Bikes and Zero Regard for Safety

Damn, That’s Cold

On Top of the Moving World

First World Minivan Problems

Moving Day Tramp Stamp

The All-In-One Moving Special

Too Much Junk in Your Trunk

Moving Day Musical Chairs

Git ‘Er Done!

Beyond Thunderdome

It’s Important to Stay on Top of Things

Sometimes Free Pizza and Beer Just Aren’t Worth It

… You’re Doing It Wrong

Ryder? I Hardly Know Her.

Bro, Do You Even U-Haul?

When Your Couch Is Sofa King Huge

Keep Moving or Die Trying

Taking It to the Streets

I’ll Never Let Go, Jack

Real Men Don’t Use Moving Trucks

Honey, Have You Seen the Baby?

Sometimes You’ve Gotta Swing for the Fences