The 27 Laziest Geniuses on the Planet

We all have our moments of laziness. Whether it is watching something on TV for hours because you can’t find the remote, sleeping with the light on because you don’t want to get up, or closing the door by throwing something at it, we’ve all had times where we can’t be bothered to do something simple. The funny people in this list have taken laziness to a level so extreme, it’s actually impressive.

The Mega-Straw

Home Theatre

Cheaper Than a Canoe

Lazy Tanner


I Guess That Works

Window Cleaning Wizard

Job Well Done

Twice the Gas, Half the Work

All the Cups Are Dirty

Taking Out the Trash Like a Champ

Video Game Perspective Shift

Who Needs a Powered Wheelchair

It’s Cold Outside the Car

Still Works

Genius If You Don’t Need the Middle Mowed

Lazy Reading Glasses

Next-Level Laziness

Walking the Dog Is Hard Work

Very Zen

Cozy Quesadilla Cooking

Who Wants to Stand Up?

Who Needs a Plate?

They Should Sell These at Ballparks