28 Cringeworthy Examples of Accidental Racism

Below you will find some totally cringe-worthy examples of accidental racism. These were instances of products or companies being racist accidentally, and in this day and age, you think people would be extra careful about this. Actually, people should extra careful about that in any day and age. Actually, a good rule is to never be racist. Just don’t be racist. Anyway, sometimes oversight happens, and when it does you might end up accidental racism like this.

Off Color Advertising

WTF Google?

This Took Balls

Stealing the Show

Security Breach

Racist Camera is Racist

Time to Come Clean

Arrested Development

World’s Most Accidentally Racist Gas Station

Cleanup on Aisle Five

Go Bananas

Eye Candy

Power Struggle

I Scream!

All White, All White, All White

Cereal in Hot Water

Salty Peanuts

Accidental Soccer Racism

White Face?

Fail Sale

The Chosen Wan

Tall Order

Damn Barney, That’s Cold

Rotten Apple

Target is In the Black

Just Wing It

I Don’t Even…