28 Funny Back to School Photos That All Teachers Can Relate To

Back to school is a special time of the year. A tine that all parents love. A time that all kids hate. But who gets the worst of back to school every single year? It’s absolutely the teachers. Here you’ll find a collection of hilarious teacher back to school images that will give you a look at what it’s like to be on the teaching side of the classroom, preparing to jump headfirst into another year or responsibility for twenty or more kids whose parents just dropped them off at school. The parents don’t have to deal with them all day. That’s the teacher’s job now.

When You Show Up Ready to Ride That Recharging Summer Through the Year

Let the Poor Spelling and Bad Grammar Choices Begin!

The Horrors of the First Morning of Each New School Year

Pre-Back to School Angst

Breaking Bad: The Gift That Just Keeps on Giving

Back to School: Teacher Speak for “House Vodka’s Fine”

The Back to School Special: Merlot with a Twist of Tears

You’ve Never Lived Til You’ve Back to Schooled from the Front of a Classrom

… Said No Teacher Ever

Just So We’re All on the Same Page

Silver Lining: Winning

When You Just Can’t Wait for the Enlightenment to Begin

Over-Optimism: Nailin’ It

When You’re Trying to Make It Through the Curriculum Like…

Where Has All the Summer Gone?

Friends Don’t Let Friends Call Out on the First Day of School

Remain Calm and Ramble On

Let’s Do This

There’s Always That One Teacher

When You’re Sure They Make Up These Names Just to Annoy You


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Lamination

Disaster Strikes at the Local Middle School

Time to Call in Reinforcements

Just When You Were Starting to Settle Into Summer

Oh, How It Burns

When You Wake Up and Realize It Was All Just a Dream

When You Turn Down the Back to School Aisle at The Dollar Store