28 of the Most Hilarious Literal Cake Decorations

The funny cakes depicted below are the hilarious result of various cake makers who just couldn’t seem to separate their clients words from their intentions. We’ve compiled our favorites, many of them from the totally fun site, Cakewrecks.com. A word to the wise bakers out there: do not print your client’s instructions on the actual cake! Prepare to view the worst decorations the world of cake décor has to offer. For example, one customer’s cake actually says the words, “Write Welcome on It.”
Vote up the best literal cake fails below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!

Nailed It!

So Much More Entertaining Than the Right Version

Happy Birthday Sher-eye!

Did Derek Zoolander Bake This Cake?

Le Epic Fail

Most Frustrated Happy Birthday Ever

Top 10 Worst Times to Get a Crappy Cake Decorator: #1

….Where Apparently It Shall Remain

The Least They Could Have Done Was to Spell It Out in Sprinkles

There Was Indeed Room

Not 33, Not 35

Proofreading Really Didn’t Help This Case

Hopefully “Purple” Is the Name of a Small Town

Well, at Least They Got the Period Thing Right

Now This One Was a Tad Confusing…

Maybe the Fireworks-Drawing Guy Was Off That Day

At Least the Baker Knew EXACTLY When the Customer Would Return

Better Hope That Baby Has a Pink Onesie Laying Around

Maybe It’s a Weight Loss Congratulations Cake?

And the Genius of the Year Award Goes To….

Or Just a Description of Just a Flower. Either Way.

That Must’ve Been Hell to Get on a Birth Certificate

Umlaut-Less Zoe Is About to Receive a Cake She’ll Never Forget

Willing to Bet This One Turned Out a Little Bossier Than Ordered

Gonna Take a Long Shot and Guess “Green” Isn’t Calvin’s Real Last Name

Maybe This Kid’s Last Name Really Is “on Jersey”

Not Sure What “Fallowing” Is, But There Are Zero Dots or Periods on This Cake

Done and Done!