29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

Every human is a unique being, comprised of personality, behaviors, skills, interests, and physical attributes that make us all the individuals we pride ourselves on being. And then again, there are things we all do, every last unique snowflakes out there. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not. You know what I’m talking about. Things that when you notice someone else do them, it’s like a part of yourself feels suddenly connected to all of humanity.
Sure, many of these shared experiences are things we’re all guilty of in a way that keeps us from sharing. But it’s time to get them all out there in the world. We’re all human here, lets just admit to the things we all do. Like a giant online therapy session. Maybe its our shared DNA, maybe its social training, but at any rate its time to have it out. So sit back, take a good long look in the mirror, and prepare to say “OMG, it’s not just me that does that.” 

It’s About Quality Assurance, Really

Never Getting The USB Right On The First Try

Thinking, Driving, And Listening To The Radio Do Not Combine

Gimme That Reassuring Beep Beep

Past You Has Really Never Understood Future You

Not Only Did You Forget Their Name, You Forgot That You Told Yourself To Really Try To Remember This Time

Doubting Yourself When Your Quiz Answers Don’t Seem Diverse Enough

It Only Takes One Time Of Forgetting To Be Totally Screwed

Opening The Lock Screen = Big Mistake

When Presented With Too Many Options, The Answer Is Always Zzzzz: None Of The Above

Hunger And Delusion Go Hand In Hand

The Real Catharsis Is Just In Writing It Out, Not Pressing Send

See Also: Telling Drive-Thru Person To Also Enjoy Their Food

It Only Works If Pressed Five Times, Right?

Bargaining With Yourself Like A Damn FBI Negotiator

But After Three Refreshes, That Tab Is Dead To Me

It’s Not Playing With Food, It’s Using A Utensil To Best Ability

Still Counts As A Win

You Can Hide An App Deep Inside A Folder, But Your Thumb Will Find It Without You Thinking

Everyone Knows There Are Magical Forces That Steal Wallets/Phones/Keys Into Thin Air

When You Legitimately Couldn’t Think Of Something To Say To A New Person If You’re Life Depended On It

Bathroom Stalls Exist For Two Purposes: Doing One’s Business And Escaping The World

Considering It An Accomplishment When You’ve Finished Bingeing A Series

When In Doubt, Wiggle It Out

Might As Well Chuck The Whole Top Of The Banana… To Be Sure

Well It Certainly Can’t Make It Move Any Slower

Important Texts/Emails Always Require A Focus Group Of Dedicated Friends

There May Be Something New Since Five Seconds Ago

No Point In Pitting Out