33 Creepiest "When You See It" Pictures Ever

What are these pictures all about, you might ask? When you see it, you will know. Do you like scaring yourself silly? Did your childhood include endlessly leafing through the pages of I Spy books? If so, challenge yourself to locate all of the creepy shenanigans going on in these seemingly normal when you see it pictures. It’s as entertaining as it is challenging to spotlight the freakiness in these hidden photos, so get to work!

An Ominous Hallway Leads to Two Bedrooms

When you see it: You’ll find a set of illuminated eyeballs peering out of the door on the far left.

A Well-Lit Sitting Room

When you see it: You’ll see an inquisitive face chillin’ under the throw pillow in the left foreground of this photo. Where’s the body?!

A Girl Poses for a Picture in the Park After Dark

When you see it: You’ll see a mysterious person standing by a pole at the top left of the shot. 

Girl in Tank Top Takes a Selfie While Driving

When you see it: There’s a grown man pressed against the rear window photobombing this girl’s driving selfie. Looks dangerous.

Girl Takes a Straight Faced Selfie

When you see it: Locate the cosmetic mirror in the bottom left of this photo, and you’ll see a deflated grey face with demon eyes spying on this chick.

A Man in a Manhole

When you see it: You’ll notice the creepy, excited looking face below the man in the manhole. 

An Eerie Reflection

When you see it: In the picture on the left, a couple appears to be posing face-forward for a cute picture together. But when you check out the lady’s reflection in the mirror, you see an eerie face where you should see the back of her head. Creepy. 

Topanga Lawrence Look-a-Like Poses for a Portrait

When you see it: You’ll be totally creeped out by the demon eyes watching her from behind the top of that bedroom door.

A Group of Shoppers Breaks for a Photo

When you see it: You’ll see a man between those two white polls, photo bombing the sh*t outta this photo. While we give him some credit, there’s still something really creepy about the wide-eyed expression on his face. 

A Foggy Playground Full of Swing Sets

When you see it: You’ll notice the little ghost child by the second pole, waiting to haunt the likes of any living kid that gets too close…

Two Girls in Prom Dresses Snap a Selfie

When you see it: You’ll see a creeper donning heavy black eyeliner, poking his head out from behind the girl on the right. 

An Abandoned Dining Room

When you see it: You’ll notice the person peering around the corner in the center of the room.

A Group Picture of Keyboardists

When you see it: Notice the guy casually lying in the front left of this group photo. Notice his instrument. Notice it’s not an instrument. 

Rihanna and Katy Perry, Real Talking

When you see it: Take a look at the bottom right of this photo (under Katy’s chair). See that creep peering out from underneath? Yeah…

A Family Photo on the Couch

When you see it: You’ll be glad you aren’t the guy smooshed underneath the family of six.

Three Friends Say “Cheese” on Graduation Day

When you see it: You’ll have mixed feelings. Is the set of eyes peering out from in between the two girls a classic graduation prank? Or is it one of the most disturbing photobombs you’ve ever seen?

Three Girls Snap a Selfie in the Bathroom Stall

When you see it: You’ll see the super creepy muppet looking thing peering up from in between the two girls on the left (talk about a fourth wheel, eh?).

The Cast of Toy Story

When you see it: You’ll see the pervy shadows of (what looks like) one person performing fellatio on another. 

A Baby Dressed Like a Football on Halloween

When you see it: You’ll see there’s more than just a cute baby dressed like a football. Behind the glass, “Jason” has spotted the football…

A Tractor on a Construction Site

When you see it: You’ll be proud of yourself! This optical illusion blends a haunting kid into that first tractor wheel.

An African Elephant

When you see it: You’ll notice the super realistic profile of a human face on this elephant’s ear. It’s so beautiful, yet so terrifying. 

A Tired Youth Covers His Face to Catch Some Z’s

When you see it: You’ll notice this young kid isn’t the only one catching up on sleep. There’s a grown man, looking fairly discreet, resting his eyes to the right of our subject. 

Three Youngsters Take a Memorable Group Photo

When you see it: You’ll notice how the guy holding the cup has strategically placed his thumb…

Three Ladies Show Their Pearly Whites for the Camera

When you see it: You’ll wonder why the disgruntled dude in the top right corner is mean mugging so hard behind these happy ladies.

A Friend-Filled Photo at the Watering Hole

When you see it: You’ll immediately know who the drunkest girl at the bar was. Move your eyes to the left of this photo and look for the vomit, frozen in time, pouring out of poor blondie’s mouth.

A Floral Patterned Couch

When you see it: You’ll notice the boots on the left first. Then you’ll realize it’s an entire body of a dude lying face down, wearing fatigues, camouflaging with the couch like an upholstery chameleon.

Girl Poses for Her Webcam in Her Family’s Living Room

When you see it: You may get the Sting song “I’ll Be Watching You” stuck in your head. Notice the terrifying face watching this girl from inside of that entertainment center. 

Farewell Columns from Senior Staff

When you see it: You’ll either see it right away (it’s pretty blatant), or you’ll scroll down for the clue then sigh, “Ohhhh!” once we tell you… Read the four enlarged letters at the beginning of each column from left to right. 

An Issue of Parent’s Magazine

When you see it: You’ll probably giggle a little. This happy mother’s head is placed perfectly over the “a” and the “r” in “Parents.”

Two Friends Pose at a Party

When you see it: You’ll be disturbed by (or maybe envious of) the girthy third leg the girl on the right was blessed to inherit. 

A Magazine Rack

When you see it: You’ll notice the arm extending from Muscle Mag over to Esquire.

Pretty Girl Flashes a Peace Sign in Her Dorm Room

When you see it: Someone wearing heavy black eyeliner is getting their peep on from underneath that top bunk mattress.