35 Epic Pokemon Fusions That Are Too Weird For Words

The Pokemon Fusion generator has been around for years now, but when it first came out, fans went crazy combining every pair of Pokemon they could think of. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to know what a Pidgeotto and a Grimer would look like if they were combined into one Pokemon? This list showcases some of the weirdest Pokemon fusions ever created, brought to life by some brilliant artists. Some of these Pokemon fusions are cute and cuddly, like Chaunter, while others, like Magnetoise, are terrifying beyond words.
Vote up the Pokemon fusions that amused you the most, whether you’d actually want to catch these Pokemon, or just think they’re ugly and worth gawking at.

Nidonine (Nidoking + Arcanine)

Magnetoise (Magneton + Blastoise)

Charchamp (Charizard + Machamp)

Rhyizard (Rhyhorn + Charizard)

Beeot (Beedrill + Pidgeot)

Parasaur (Parasect + Venusaur)

Magnedrill (Magneton + Beedrill)

Maroizard (Marowak + Charizard)

Gasnine (Ghastly + Arcanine)

Zuish (Zubat + Oddish)

Dewbasaur (Dewgong + Bulbasaur)

Oddix (Oddish + Onix)

Sandtoise (Sandshrew + Blastoise)

Lickizard (Lickitung + Charizard)

Geofairy (Geodude + Clefairy)

Nidorow (Nidoqueen + Fearow)

Dewpoke (Dewgong + Slowpoke)

Voltduck (Voltorb + Golduck)

Chaunter (Chansey + Haunter)

Gentle (Gengar + Squirtle)

Slowchoke (Slowbro + Machoke)

Slowtails (Slowpoke + Ninetails)

Grillet (Grimer + Diglett)

Oneot (Onix + Pidgeot)

Nidochu (Nidoqueen + Raichu)

Butterape (Butterfree + Primeape)

Dorb (Doduo + Voltorb)

Lickieotto (Lickitung + Pidgeotto)

Starbok (Starmie + Arbok)

Jigglyth (Jigglypuff + Meowth)

Slowgey (Slowpoke + Pidgey)


Farter (Farfetch’d + Haunter)

Farix (Farfetch’d + Onix)

Butterstar (Butterfree + Omastar)