36 Times Punctuation Changed Everything

 When it comes to the world of punctuation, you’ll see here what a startling role even the tiniest of commas can play in shaping a sentence. Think it’s no big deal to leave out little things like periods or question marks when composing a social media post? Well, we guarantee that, after seeing some of these social media disasters, such a thought will never enter your head again.
Have a friend or kid of your own who seems to think grammar is for wimps? How better to respond than to present them with one dude’s comma-less account of a hospital visit which appears to instead chronicle an upcoming three-way involving his grandfather? Whether you’re here for an education or just a good laugh, one thing is for sure, you’ll have a helluva lot more fun than you ever did in English class!

Best. Sale. Ever.

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A Forgotten Comma Can Change Everything

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Are They, Now?

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Why Looks Aren’t Always as Solid a Fall Back as You May Think

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Point Taken

What a Good Day for Cinnamon Rolls Everywhere!

Beware, the Dangers of Misplaced Enthusiasm

This Must Be One Wild Beach…

The State of Missouri Resents That

On Second Thought…

Hopefully He Threw in a Question Mark Before Anyone Spoke Up

Just When You Thought They’d Done Every Zombie Idea Possible…

The Sign Shop Where All the Other Signs on This List Were Made

Never Underestimate the Value of Commas When Listing

Hey, No Need To Label

Well, You Can’t Really Blame Them, They Are Goats After All

Let the Trespassing Commence

For What?

I Dunno, My Eyes Are Pretty Quick

Ah, We Gotchu Bro, *Wink Wink*

Sonic’s Ill-Fated Attempt to Attract Foodies

Dear Teachers, You’ve Made a Mistake Here!

Bet His Editor Would’ve Caught This One These Days

Hint #1 The the Employees May Be Tapping Into the Merchandise

It’s a Bad Sign When the Sign Can’t Even Say It with a Straight Face

Something Tells Us Education Wasn’t High on the List of Priorities

12 Years and All Jason Got Was This Crappy Grammar