50 Art History Snapchats You Need in Your Life Right Now

Have you ever found yourself at the museum with your art-loving friends and felt like you were the only one who just didn’t get it? Have you always had a hard time figuring out the allure of all those old oil paintings that your art history teacher loves? Maybe you just weren’t looking at those boring old art pieces the right way. Let this collection of art history Snapchats convince you that art can be fun… and totally relatable. 
Below you’ll find “modern art” redefined in a way that has nothing to do with cold museums or vague paint splashes on a blank canvas. Join us as we celebrate these revamped classics, which are guaranteed to give you a grin. Here you’ll find all the mindless irreverence of Snapchat, combined with historic paintings that you never knew had such personality!
It’s time to get your history on with these clever art Snapchats! You’ll enjoy historic scenes, (like the earliest drunk shaming pranks ever caught on canvas) and precious family moments (like a baby on baby tickle fight). Plus, you may even learn a little something about religion (like that the Apostle Luke was a clown and Judas was a very handsy drunk). 
Get ready for a blast from the distant past, in an exhibit we can guarantee you’ll like better than anything at the LA County Museum of Art! Enjoy these funny Snapchats!

All the Other Marble Heads Are Doing It!

What About from This Angle?

Not a One

Epic Scourge

Luke: The Class Clown

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Emo Before Emo Was In

Don’t Even Think About It

Haters Gon’ Hate

Old School Swag

I’m Letchu Finish But…

Corset Envy

Props-R-Us Discount Rack

Uh Oh, Folks!

Lemme See Dem Hands, Yo!

Oh I’m Sorry, I Forget…

Put Cha Hands… Oh We’re Bronze

Nah, Nah, Make It 110%

The Original RBF


Is That a Canon Ball in Your Pocket Or…

The Struggle Is Real

Specificity Fail

F**king Mapquest!

God Help These Basic Bs

Try Looking Through These Special Goggles

Six Pack Win, But…

Drunk Shaming: The Early Years

Barbara Ain’t Havin’ It

Late Night Micky D’s Run

You’re Doing It Wrong

That’s What Counts Bro

Cougars Be Like

The Voice of an Angel

Mean Boys


Baby’s First Burn

The O.G. Creepy Photobomb

Totes, Girl

It’s Hard to Find Good Ones These Days

Too Sexy for These Tights

Get on Board!

Christ No.5

A Real Panty Dropper

But Seriously

Ye Know

Sketchy Sis Shall Have Her Revenge

Go Home Judas, Your Drunk

Says the Half Nude Guy Wearing a Bed Sheet

Get It, Gurrrrrl