People Whose Last F*ck Has Flown

After a long day of caring about your hygiene, job, and social media presence, you may find yourself identifying with other people who just don’t care. By no means should anyone ever begrudge you for not giving a f*ck about how you present yourself in public. Just because you’re at a work doesn’t mean you need to interrupt your online gambling streak. If other travelers in the airport complain about your pace on the moving walkway, remind them your pace is the only one that matters. 

So long as you’re not affecting anyone else’s tasks or safety, who really cares? Photos of people who are over it might just help you change your second-guessing self into full-fledged no-f*cks-given master. As many older folks would show you, caring about other peoples’ opinions is for those who are boring and ugly and serious.

Never Slow Your Roll Over A F*ck

Got Beats?

You. Shall Not. Pass!

No F*cks When There’s Free Wi-Fi

Spiderman Has Many Responsibilities

Being A Dick About It

Free Room Is Much Needed

Well, No One Would Steal It Now…

Taking A Stand Against Public Censorship


Gotta Give It A Test Ride Before Taking It Home

Pooh Discovers Something Far Better Than Honey

What Hurricane?

The Crocs Pull It Together

Solitaire Over Service

This Cat Moves For No Man

Refills? Don’t Mind If I Do!

Suck It Up

Starting Vacation Early

Just Chillin’ In My Cello Case

Priorities: Everyone’s Are Different

Titanic Goes Inland

Wanna Come Over To My Crib?

She Knows Where Dreams Come True

Faking Your Picture

She Earned Those Stripes

Nothing Like The Smell Of Body Decomposition In The Morning