The Absolute Funniest Cow Puns

Don’t have a cow, man! Actually, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do right at this very moo-ment. These are the best cow puns the Internet has to offer. It’s okay to have a moo-mentary lapse of judgment and laugh at these funny cow memes. Failing to do so would be a huge missed steak. Do you get it? Do you get all of these puns?

Greener Pastures

Knight and Day

Jerky Boys

Dozing Off



The Udder Side of Darkness

Math of Least Resistance

Huge Missed Steak

Having a Beef with Jesus

Surf and Turf

In Mother Russia, Cow Moo You

Field of Dreams

Major Mootion Picture

On the Fence on This One

Hip to Be Square

Legen Dairy

A-Moo-Calypse Now

Milking It for All It’s Worth

Angus Khan

Dude, No Whey!