The Best Cat Shaming Pictures on the Internet

Below you’ll find a collection of kittehs celebrating the fact that their humans have finally taken notice of their daily chores and fabulous feline antics. You’ll see cats proudly holding what they assume to be certificates of appreciation for noble actions such as peeing on the family hamster or nomming a suspicious looking tax refund check. You see, cats take their job of keeping us humans on our toes very seriously and are always coming up with constant ideas to help us develop skills such as patience and vigilance. After all, nothing inspires litter box cleanliness like awakening to a fresh poop deposited suggestively in your bed.
Enjoy these hilarious cat shaming pictures that showcase kitty kind at its finest. Whether these little guys and gals are out enjoying one night stands with the neighborhood tom, or teaching their owners the art of thriftiness by guaranteeing that that security deposit is a distant memory, we can assure you these cats have an excuse for everything!

"I Laugh at the Thought of a Guard Dog."

“Success Is Merely Excess with a Few Letters Changed Around”

“Wasn’t It Kind of Me to Make Sure She Didn’t Miss My Achievement?”

“That Scarf You Were Making Was Ugly Anyway.”

“He Started It.”

“The Extra Mile: I Goes It.”

“Did You Really Think I Wouldn’t Try to Eat Those Fish?”

“Eye Contact Is Important.”

“Stealth. I Will Teach You It.”

“Don’t Worry Dad, I Will Handle All Government Documents.”

“It Makes a Good Toy Bin, Has a Lid and Everything!”

“Its Shiftiness. I Tolerates It Not.”

“It’s a Great Place for Socks, Don’t You Get It?”

“A True Warrior Laughs in the Face of Security and Its Various Deposits.”

“Am I Not the Best Game Inventor Ever?”

“Sometimes Sacrifice Is Necessary for the Greater Good.”

“Communicating Mah Needz: Nailing It.”

“Never Let a Kind Act Go Without a Thank You.”

“Think of Me as a One Woman Welcoming Committee.”

“If You Don’t Like It, Then Get a Real Alarm Clock, GOD.”

“Only the Freshest for You, Mom!”

“I’m Just Hungry, Leave Me Alone.”

“Finally, My Self-Sufficiency Is Honored.”

“Free Taste Test Complete. Ur Welcome.”

“Think of It as Free Fertilizer.”

“Just Makin’ Sure She Felt Welcome in the House.”