The Best of Indian People Facebook

Ever wonder what Facebook looks like around the world? Well as it turns out there’s a hilarious subreddit called Indian people Facebook that’s dedicated to collecting and showcasing some of the funniest Facebook posts that the people of India have to offer. Here you’ll find some of the most random, craziest, and all around funny Indian Facebook posts that have made their way into the collection’s ranks.
These funny Facebook posts range from clever to hysterically random and quite a few of the posts ride the fine line between the two. Get ready to behold what happens when a choice few citizens of India attempt to flirt on Facebook in their second language, decide to set stylish trends, or just set out to have a good time. Be forewarned however, that not all of the posts below are exactly G-rated so the following material may not be something you want to peruse during office hours!

Mudasir Crosses The Line From Friend to Foe

A Dude’s Gotta Try

The Line Between Trans And Train Worker Proves To Be Thinner Than Assumed

Not Sure This Means What They Think It Does

Mudasir Rejoins The Sanctum Of The Inner Circle

Mudasir Done F*cked Up

It Appears The Elvir Ship Has Sailed

This Snapback Tho

Who Says Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off?

Close Enough

This Guy Hearts You. All 12 Of Him.

Crushing Double Standards: Nailin’ It

The Truly Awful Pick-Up Line That Just Keeps On Giving

See What He Did There?

Just In Case You Didn’t String That One Together All By Your Lonesome

This Gentleman Shares His Advice With Exam Takers Everywhere

Hate The Game, Not The Playa

Seriously, Hristina. Why You Playin’?

Way To Step Up Your Game There, Playa

Everybody Chill, This Guy’s Got This

Way To Flaunt Those Observation Skills, Sherlock

This Guy Explains Why Vehicle Impersonation Is No Way To a Woman’s Heart

The Verdict Is In

Arjun Redefines The Term “Sold”

Really Hoping Something Was Lost In Translation Here

Owning It

This Chick Prepares To Fight Off Her Potential Suitors With a Stick

Bae Caught Me Selfie Stickin’

Ladies. . . He’s Available

The Origin Of Timeless Trends Is Finally Revealed

Keep It On The Straight And Narrow There, Amy

Quickest To Figure Out How These Two Are Related Wins