Clouds That Undeniably Look Like Penises In The Wild

Well, here you are. You’ve finally reached a major turning point in your Internet history, a point you may want to delete later. Then again, penises pop up everywhere, so you might even stumble upon these penis-shaped clouds by simply glancing upwards. Mother Nature, just as subversive as us, does with clouds what Disney does with animation: she takes something innocuous and fluffy, inserts a subtle image modification, and sits back to watch the Internet pounce all over it. Maybe she’s trolling, or maybe the D subconsciously reigns over all
After looking at these clouds from both sides, you’ll see you really don’t know clouds at all.

Red Rocket In The Sky

Porn Cloud

NSFW Weather

Cupping The Cloud

Go East, Sky Penis

The Penis Truly Mightier Than The Storm

Penis Cloud Armageddon

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…

Mother Nature Wants The D

A Storm Is Coming

Cloud Atlas

Micro-Cloud Cock

All Must Bow Before Cloud Penis

All Signs Point Up

One If By Sea

The Brown Bandit

There, In The Distance!


Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud Penis

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Under A Cloud Of Suspicion