25 Gratuitous Butt Cheeks From Coachella

Denim diapers. Butt huggers. Daisy Dukes. Jorts. Whatever you want to call the barely-there “shorts” the hipster ladies were clad in at Coachella 2014, there is no denying that the style of attire is better suited for some than others. When it came to Coachella fashion this year, there were butt cheeks and camel toes as far as one could see in the desert (which, between alcohol and dust storms, wasn’t always that far) and these are the best/worst of them (all depending on how you classify the butt cleave phenomenon).
Let’s talk about list criteria: you had to be in the desert, at the Coachella Festival, wearing shorts that exposed at least a portion of your cheek. There were plenty of bikini wearers and other manner of half-naked people; they don’t count. This list of Coachella fashion fail pictures is all about girls wearing short shorts that aren’t of a proper length (again, a matter of taste and preference) with their butts at least partially exposed.

Fanny Pack Doing Nothing Here

Would These Qualify As Underwear?


Shorts May Or May Not Exist Here

Still Yellow…Impressive

Flowers Grow In Only The Most Fertile Soil

Hair Covering More Than “Pants”

Butt Is The New Black

For Long Walks And Fringe Purses


Broken Ankles Can’t Stop Dat Ass

Denim Diaper In White? A Little On The Nose…

Is This Leather Mommy Attire?

She’s Taking A Major Butt Selfie

Creepin’ Up…Your Butt

The Belt Makes A Real Difference In Keeping Those Pants Up (The Butt)

Daisy Duke, Desert Edition

Next Time, Leave The Mangled Sleepaway Camp Art Project In The Attic (Or The Trash)

What Crime Did This Hipster Print Commit?

That Little Bit Of Fray Makes A Huge…Difference In Coverage

Acid Washed, Or Acid Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

Who Knew Purple Corduroy (Up The) Butt Shorts Were A Thing?

I Know You Think You Smell Like Roses…

A Little Knee Injury Can’t Keep Those Cheeks In

Fringe Does Not Equal Effective