Crazy Things People Actually Got Shaved Into Their Hair

These are people without a hair care in the world. People who decided long ago that normal haircuts just wouldn’t cut it for them. Below is the Internet’s finest collection of funny haircuts and inappropriate things people have shaved into their heads over the years. Some of the designs are kind of dirty, but most of them are downright hilarious. There’s no need to mullet over, it’s time to start the hair shaving insanity and vote up your favorites!

Edward Scissorhead

Head of Cards

Legalize Hairiguana

Bro, Do You Even Shave?

We Meat Again

Staying on Top of Things

Serious Coke Problem

The Dark Hair

You Are the Apple of My Eye

To Catch a Predator

Hair Avenger

You’ve Been Spotted

Black and White

Is This Love?

The Seven Year Head Itch

Zip it Up

Have a Nice Day

Down in the Dumps

Scissor Head

The “Ray Lewis”

Head of the Police

Tetris Head