All the Crazy Things That Might Happen in Season 7 of The Walking Dead

It goes without saying: Unless you are caught up on The Walking Dead, SPOILERS lurk below.
Are you ready to ponder what will happen this season on The Walking Dead? Comic book readers may have some ideas, but the show has proven again and again that we can’t rely upon the books as a blueprint.
Popular Walking Dead theories surround the fate of Rick and the rest of the gang. Will he go soft? Will he lose it for good? Will Carl have to lock his dad up in the basement until he snaps out of it? Rick’s leadership is going to be challenged and he’ll look like a total p*ssy until we learn what he’s really up to. It’s a theory, anyway.
Other TWD theories focus on how Negan will die. What’s your favorite method? Rick with an axe on top of the RV in the fog? Carl with Lucille near the Sharpie factory? Daryl with a crossbow bolt dipped in walker blood? Carol using Shiva? Maggie with Glenn’s femur in the same clearing where Glenn died? The possibilities are endless. Why can’t Negan die all of those glorious deaths?
Let’s look at all the crazy things that will happen this season on The Walking Dead. Which seems most likely to you?

The Kingdom Will Make a Stand
Once they connect with Hilltop and Alexandria, and Rick rips off his dad shirt, they’ll become a formidable force against the Saviors. At least, that’s the hope. But as we know from the comics, there’s usually always a new villain just over the hill.
Carl Will Come Into His Own and It Will Be Bloody
The way Carl handled the whole Negan bashing is an indication that Carl is clearly the hybrid this world needs, remembering the old world but growing up in the new one. As Carl transitions into a man, we’re also seeing glimpses of the future leader. He seemed to be studying Negan rather than being afraid of him. Carl will be equal parts fair and cold-blooded justice. He’ll even shock his dad.
Negan Will Be the Worst Villain Yet, Not for the Reason You Think
And not because he started off Season 7 by killing two fan-favorite main characters. Negan is awful because he makes a lot of sense in this world. He’s got a code and he sticks to it. You’ll hate herself for liking him on some level.
Maggie’s Rise to Power
She may have been a mess in the season premiere but that won’t last long. Maggie’s got a role to play and it’s more about being a leader than a foot soldier. Someone has to lead the Hilltop gang and we’ll soon find out just how she’ll unseat Gregory.
Spencer Monroe Betrays Rick – Bye, Spencer
In the comics, Spencer betrays Rick and Negan kills Spencer for it. That’s breaking the code and Negan is not having it. Will Spencer suffer the same fate on the show? Well, seeing as how AMC has to keep the budget balanced, probably.
Update: Yep
Dwight Will Revolt
We know this from the comics but we also know that Austin Amelio is getting too much screen time to just serve as a minion. The only way to really take Negan down effectively is to get some help from the inside. Dwight will be that guy. He’ll just have to live through non-comic book character Daryl’s wrath.
Shiva’s Big Kills
It’s probably too much to ask for, but Shiva chomping on Negan’s head would be completely satisfying. We’ll probably have to settle for Savior foot soldier jerks but that’s okay, too. Just let her munch on some of these fools.
Daryl Will Lose It, Carol Will Save Him
Negan is not going to treat Daryl well. He’s going to torture the hell out of fans’ favorite Southern boy and break him down. Daryl will get himself together just in time to be saved by Carol. And that will mean emotionally. He got himself out of Negan’s prison, but he will need his bestie to help him heal. And he’ll help her as well.
Rick Will Pull a Carol Until the End of the Season
Rick’s submissive dad act is a clue that he’s going to play up Negan’s perception of him as a “p*ssy” right up until he plants that axe in Negan’s head. And he got the idea from Carol’s Susie Homemaker sweater-set act when the crew rolled up to the gates of Alexandria. She also pulled this act when the Saviors took her and Maggie hostage. Her enemies learned too late that she’s a post-apocalyptic Emmy winner.
When Rick drove the RV away from those two bloody spots where Abraham and Glenn were bashed to death in the clearing, you see him make up his mind to play the long game to avenge their deaths. And to never let this happen again.
Carol The Wanderer, Mercenary, Ambassador
Carol is too restless to stay in one place, yet we need her because who else is going to come and save the day? As part of her “going, not going” story arc, we may see her float between communities, serving as this world’s real life super hero. Or she’ll return in full force, ready to kill in the name of the survivors.
Carl Finally Loses His V Card
Either with Enid or Lydia, a young girl from the Whisperers. Just please take off that stupid hat or it won’t happen at all, Carl.
Someone’s Going to Shut Up the Kingdom’s Glee Club for Good
It’s a request. Do we really need these people?
Cezekiel or Ezarol? Or just how about Darol?
King Ezekiel is totally feeling Carol because he recognizes game when he sees it. “You can’t bulls*t a bullsh*tter,” he tells her. Later, he shows up in a clean shirt bearing a pomegranate which in this world is code for “Girl, I wanna get with you.” Hence, all of the gifts of produce.
Still holding out hope for a Daryl and Carol hook up. They get each other. And have the strongest bond on the show.
Negan May Not Die at All
If the show goes with his comic book fate, Negan may end up as a perpetual prisoner in Rick’s basement for a couple of years. But would show fans really stand for that? Nope. This dude needs to DIE!
The Kingdom Will Pay Dearly for That Tainted Pork
There’s no way Ezekiel and the gang to get away with feeding the Saviors pigs stuffed with walker meat. So look for The Great Tainted Pulled Pork War to kick off that war Richard from the Kingdom so desperately wants. Plus, they have to wipe that smile off of Negan’s face for good.
How Will Negan Die?
Let’s play The Walking Dead version of Clue:
Rick with an axe on top of the RV in the early morning fog.
Carl with Lucille in the same clearing where Glenn and Abraham died.
Michonne with her katana in Negan’s lair.
Maggie with Lucille in the same clearing where Glenna and Abraham died.
Carol with Shiva in Negan’s bedroom.
Ezekiel with Shiva near his throne in the Kingdom.
Carol with Lucille in front of Negan’s people on Negan’s birthday.
Daryl with his crossbow, the bolt dipped in walker blood, in a prison cell.
Jerry with poisoned pomegranates at “fruit time.”
Maggie with Glenn’s femur just about anywhere.
Rosita with her second bullet.
*There are no wrong answers
We’ll Lose Morgan and It Will Hurt
Morgan’s journey from family man to maniac to traveling wise man and martial arts expert will probably come to an end this season. Not saying that we want that to happen but something is up with Morgan’s theme music. It’s just happening way to much to not be foreshadowing. Now, he may take up leadership in the Kingdom or he may just fade into the mist, all mysterious like. But most likely he’ll sacrifice himself to save the group, fighting alongside Carol.
Enid Is a Spy for the Saviors
Yep. That sweet girl has been working for the Saviors all along. That’s why Negan knew so much about the group. “Just Survive Somehow” girl may have turned into “Just Suck up to the Saviors” girl. Enid probably loses her appeal as Maggie’s adopted daughter after that. Or Enid is a spy for the Whisperers or some other group. Maybe that mysterious person watching Aaron and Rick as they tackled the walker swamp is a key.
The Fate of Richonne
Looks like these two are tight. So will there be a wedding at the end of the season? Will Beth’s ghost hover over the ceremony singing? Will Eugene watch their wedding night?
Daryl Gets a Love Interest and It’s Creepy
One of Negan’s wives may become Daryl’s girlfriend after she helps him escape. Before Daryl fans riot, Carol will kill her. Just kidding. About all of it. She or Dwight definitely let Daryl out of that cell, right?
The Walkers Become Sentient
Dwight has noticed something about the walkers, some of them may be more aware than others. Sentient walkers are a big problem for everyone. If walkers start to use reason and begin working together, the show will need to swing back to focusing on killing them and less infighting and power grabbing. But most likely, they’ll continue to disintegrate and be more ooky than ever.
We’ll Say Goodbye to Ezekiel
Yes, we just got to know him but the show doesn’t usually keep leaders around for more than a season. He may not have to die, but we may say goodbye to him and the Kingdom by season’s end. Or, he’ll die at the hands of Negan or a new enemy as he did in the comics. Nooooo! We loved Ezekiel from the first time we saw him.
Will Rosita and Eugene Get Together?
They get married in the comics but the show has deviated significantly from its paper cousin. Plus, there’s enough romance going on for now. Hopefully, the two become useful and not part of the show’s body count this season. But first, Rosita needs to get Eugene out of Negan’s clutches and apologize like hell for pressuring him to make that bullet.
It’s Going to Suck, But Carol Is Going to Die
No one is going to eat lunch cobbler or fruit ever again when we lose one of the best characters on the show. Not sure if show runner Scott Gimple has the hutzpah to kill off another fan favorite in Season 7, but it may just happen. Brace yourselves. Because Norman Reedus will riot.
Jesus May Turn
He’s a good guy in the comics – and so far – he’s our dreamy scavenger in way too many clothes for the Georgia heat, but will he prove to be a turncoat? Probably not. He may just move more toward the hard line and take a stronger stand.