The Cutest Half-Shaved Cats on the Internet

There are several words in the English language that should just never be combined. For instance, such combinations as “late fee,” “parking ticket” and “bad perm” always can strike terror into the hearts of all those within earshot. As far as feline kind is concerned, the term “shaved cat” should be placed at the very top of the “evil word combinations” list.
As most know, kitties are self-cleaning creatures and as such, they rarely expect to ever experience the horrors of the grooming salon. Unfortunately for the clipped, sheered, and half-shaved cats you’re about to meet, life is just not always fair. Though many a cat has insisted he’d rather brave the summer heat than lose an inch of his Arctic-thick mane, sometimes fur moms have other plans. Why? Because what’s cuter than an adorable cat haircut?

Princess Invites You to Attend Services for Her Fallen Hairs on Tuesday at Noon

“The Razor Was THIS Big!”

“I Am Tiny Lion. I Woke Up Like This.”

“Hey Babe. You Come Here Often?”

“Never. Raving. Again.”

“Are You Starting at My Ass?”

“I Pity the Fool Who Interrupts Mah Nap.”

Surfer Kitteh Rocks His Swirly Shaves

After Her New Haircut, Gucci Was Haunted by Nightmares of Marshmallows

“Does This Haircut Make My Roar Sound Louder?”

After Much Debate, Fluffy & His Mom Finally Reached a Bargain

Fluffy is Tired of Being Mistaken for a Swiffer

“F–ing Do It Yourself Dye Kit!!”

Hot Topic Kitten Makes Old People Mildly Nervous

“This Haircut. My Tail Is Still in Shock.”

“Behold the Powers of My Tail Poof.”

“Can You Feel My Curses? How ‘Bout Now?”

Worst. Layers. Ever.

“But Mooommmm, All the Other Kids Sing the Lion King Song When I Pass.”

World Peace Cat Has a Rose for Your Firearms

“There’s Nothing Faux About This Mo, Bro.”

“You’ll Look Buff, They Said. It’ll Show Off Your Muscles, They Said.”

Just When You Think Your Safe… Purple Mohawk Persian Is There

“Behold Mah Man Mane.”

“It Wouldn’t Be So Bad if I Could Stop Mistaking My Tail for a Squirrel.”

“Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls.”

“All I Want For Christmas Is My F—ing Fur Back.”

“Damn It, Bob! I Told You Not to Let Me Order Tequilla Last Night!

Cornrow Cat Just Got Back from a Tropical Vacation

“I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Worn That T-Shirt to the Beach.”

“You Laugh Now. Wait Til You See What I Did on Your Pillow.”