Only Dog Owners Will Understand These Joys of Dog Ownership

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, let us be the first to tell you: it’s exactly as fun – and as challenging – as you expect it to be. In fact, any dog owner will tel you that adopting a furry, four-legged friend is basically like becoming a parent to a little fur-baby. We’ve put together a list of funny dog photos that explain exactly why getting a dog is the best decision you’ll ever make.
Having a dog is sheer bliss. Whether they’re wagging their tails in excitement, tilting their heads in defiance, or licking your face in utter exuberance, these hilarious dog photos are guaranteed to make you laugh. These dogs demonstrate classic pooch-qualities, like over-eager helpfulness, vigilance in guarding the house, and concern so sincere that it will melt your heart.

No Garbage Disposal? No Problem.

No Matter How Old They Get, They’ll Always Be Your Baby

Pretty Much Everything Is the Best Thing Ever

As Long as There’s You, They Can Overcome Any Obstacle

Nothing Can Fix a Crappy Day Quicker Than a Dog’s Genuine Concern

There’s No Dog Owner Alive Who Won’t Accept This Excuse for Failure to Complete a Task

You’ll Never Find a More Vigilant Night Watchman

There’s No Better Alarm Clock in the World Than a Happy Tail Against a Dresser

They’re Masters at Knowing How to Pick Their Battles

Their Ambition Knows No Bounds

Nothing Can Melt Anger Faster Than a Nervous Pup’s Guilty Face

There’s No Better Welcome Than the Sight of Full Throttle Happy Tail

Every Dog Is a Lap Dog at Heart

As Soon as They Conquer One Challenge, They’re Ready to Take on the Next

They’ll Leave No Base Left Uncovered When it Comes to Your Happy

Having a Dog Is the Closest Most of Us Will Come to Knowing How Santa Feels

Unparalleled Bliss Is Only a Squeaky Toy Toss Away

Even Their Most Horrible Antics Contain a Dose of Hilarity

Low-Maintenance = Nailing It.

There Are Few Sights in this World as Adorable as the Head Tilt

You’ll Never Find a More Considerate Puker

They’re Always Ready to Help You Weigh Your Options

Even the Most Uninteresting of Objects Become Magic in Your Hands

There’s Nothing More Hysterical Than a Dog Who Thinks He’s Hiding

Best. Babysitters. Ever.

They Have the Most Adorably Awful Poker Faces Ever

They’re Always More Than Happy to Entertain Your Guests

They Love a Good Practical Joke

There’s No Better Role Model in the Art of Perseverance

They’ll Always Blame the Other Dog for Being Outside When They’re Inside, But Never You

You’ve Never Had a Problem They Weren’t Thrilled to Fix

Even the Hardest of Hearts Can Be Melted by the Sight of a Dog in an Adorable Costume

Nothing Ups a Dude’s Swag Like Having a Canine Bro in Tow