The Funniest Pizza Signs in All the Land

Every week is a struggle. A struggle with your mind and body to either order pizza or not to order pizza. It’s the eternal question. Pizza is amazing and it has been said that if you ever meet someone who says that they don’t like pizza you shouldn’t trust them. Pizza parlors all over the country (and the world) are constantly creating funny signs that feed into our collective pizza addiction. So consider this gallery of funny pizza signs as an opportunity to put pizza in its place. Which is your mouth. If you can make it through this entire gallery without ordering a pizza online, that’s a giant step in the right direction for your gut, but maybe not for your happiness. 

Your Move

Indecent Proposal

Have a Knife Day

Bet Your Butt It’s Good

Letter Spacing is Important

Correctional Facility

The Two Best Things in the World

Sign of the Times

Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

The Fall Guy

Weighing Your Options

Save the Date

I Like Turtles

Dude… Not Cool, Bro

Slice of Life

That’s All I Knead

Spice of Life

Aw Hell Naw

Sleeping with the Enemy


Papa Don’t Preach

Dominos Mic Drop

Crappy Offer