The Funniest Things Ever Written on Money

Mama Said Spock You Out

Knew That Guy Always Looked Familiar…

Emo Lincoln’s So Cool You’ve Probably Never Heard of Him

Good News!

Why So Serious?

Best Argument for Staying in School Ever

American Genius at Its Best

Uh…Thanks for the Heads Up?

This Illuminati Warning Announcement


Seemed Like a Great Idea at the Time

This Comment on the Economy

This Official Nomination for Prime Minister

Never Hurts to Ask, Right?

Britney Bucks

Can’t Blame a Guy for Tryin’

Zombie Lincoln Gives You Fair Warning

Is That Really Too Much to Ask?

Who Wants to Know?

The New Face of America

That Awkward Moment

We See What You Did There…

This Declaration of Freedom

They Really Don’t, Travis. Yeah, You. Travis.


This Vow of Revenge at Any Cost

Apparently Cole Decided He’d Rather Have a Diet Coke

Probably N