The 30 Funniest "When Boys" Tumblr Parodies

Hence came the parodies of tumblr quotes about guys, which includes an aggressive number of Hitlers in the mix. If you want to laugh at the heartbreak of young girls when they realize the only thing their boy is ever going to cook for them is yesterday’s Chinese, this is the tumblr meme parody compilation for you.
When The Boy You Like Is Taller Than You

Getting Nervous When Boys Are Around

When Boys Hug You from Behind

When Boys Do That Adorable Half Smile

When He Calls You Babe

When Boys Never Give Up On You

When Boys Have The “V”

Boys With Blue Eyes And Dark Hair

When Boys Keep You from Walking Away

When Boys Just Look In Your Eyes And Don’t Talk

When Boys Smile At You Mysteriously

When Boys Tell You Not To Be Insecure

When Boys Give You Presents

When Boys Throw A Dart At A Map And Travel Wherever It Lands

When Boys Go On Long Walks With You

When Boys Look At You And Smile

When Boys Are Finally Yours

When Boys Give You Cute Nicknames

When Boys Can Cook

When Boys Put Their Face In The Curve Of Your Neck

When Boys Can’t Keep Their Hands Off You

When He Plays With Your Hair

When He Likes Your Picture On Facebook

Boys Who Help You Choose Clothes

When Boys Make the First Move

When Boys Are Kind of Shy

Falling Asleep in His Arms

When Boys Wrestle With You

When Boys Bite Their Lips

When Boys Make You Forget Your Past