Funny Graduation Caps That Won the Whole Ceremony

Graduation day is supposed to be a happy day but in reality there’s nothing happy about it. The ceremonies are incredibly boring, it’s usually really hot outside, and you have to wear the most poorly-designed hats in the history of mankind. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a negative and turn it into a positive like these people did with their funny grad caps. Why spend one more second in a boring robe and a boring hat when funny graduation hats can really take your day up a notch? You wouldn’t do that. Another good way to spend your time is by looking at this funny collection of graduation caps. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your own graduation cap.

A Graduate Occasionally Pays Their Debts

Hold on to Your Butts

Time for Grad School

There’s No Shame in Begging

Small Fish in a Big Pond

Stay as Long as You Can

Better Call Saul

Unlocking the Real World

The Big Short

The Universal Truth

Cap Games

Graduation Citations

A Bright Future at Dominos

Stay Poor and Die Trying

Special Education

The Real College MVP

The First Step is Admitting That You Have a Problem

Please Move to the Left

Get it?

Grammar is Tough

They’ll Be Your Boss One Day

When You Officially Have 100 Problems


Simpsons Did It First

Yeah, Mom