Hilarious "Special Instructions" Pizza Deliveries

In case you didn’t know, the “special instructions” box on your pizza ordering app is for helpful suggestions like “go easy on the mushrooms” or “make it extra crispy.” But the hungry individuals on this list took it to a whole other level. These funny delivery instructions are what happens when restraint gets bitch slapped by the primal urge to ask for a ridiculous drawing with your large extra cheese. Here you’ll find funny pizza boxes prepared by pizza makers who not only received such instructions, but who totally came through and made them happen.These photos feature everything from pizza poetry and cheesy jokes (pun intended) to artistic masterpieces penned by people who should probably quit their job at Domino’s and go to art school. So the next time you’re in the mood to eat your pepperoni and pineapple in front of a random drawing of a dinosaur howling at the mood, there’s a pizza guy with a Sharpie out there just waiting to make your dream a reality.

Whether you’re looking for great ideas for what to include in your next special instructions box or are just out for a grin, dinner is served. 

The Most Poetic Cooking Instructions Ever

This Guy Must Be Working His Way Through Comic Book Artist School

Well Played

Still, a Pretty Valiant Attempt

Complete with Parenthetical Confirmation

Gonna Have to Bet on the Dragon

Us Too, Koala. Us too.

Lonely Zombie Just Wants a Slice

This Guy Missed His Calling as an Animator

When Party Panda Exceeds His Normal Drink Limit

What Kind of Pizza Establishment Do You Think This Is?

Dumbledore’s Favorite

A Haiku Masterpiece from a Pizza Hut Genius

Don’t Worry, He’s Fed and Ready for Bed

This Dino Wants to Sing You the Song of His People

When Pizza Bear Attacks!

Nailed It

Ask and You Shall Recieve

Wrong Answer