Hilarious "You Suck at Parking!" Notes You'll Want to Use

There is nothing more annoying and rage-provoking than searching for the perfect parking spot, only to find that some moron has taken up the space like a total idiot. Maybe they parked wayyyy outside the lines, or maybe they took up multiple spots for no reason, but either way, it’s completely rude and you’ve gotta say something about it! Terrible parkers act like the world revolves around them, which usually provokes their fellow citizens to want to smash their lights or key their cars. Or at the very least, leave a nasty note on their windshield. This bad parking epidemic has reached such proportions, that there are now even pre-printed bad parking notes that people can buy. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best notes left on a terrible parker’s car. Some people may think that passive aggressive parking notes are a cop-out, but these types of communications are probably the best way to let off a little steam without committing a minor felony. Vote up the most hilarious parking notes below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 

Which Circle of Hell Is Reserved for the Jackass Who Took Up 4 Parking Spots?

We Sense Absolutely No Sarcasm in This Bad Parking Note

Clever Gift Included With This Bad Parking Note

Somehow, We Don’t Think They’reTalking About Driving…

Oh Look! They’ve Started Forming Leagues!

Disney Should Copyright This and Make Millions

What Excellent Parking Suggestions for Next Time!

Dick Clearly Doesn’t Understand How Stressful the First Day of School Can Be

How Civilized

Stevie Wonder Is Probably Better Than This Guy

It’s Hard to Be a Poet When Your Parking Space Has Been Invaded

One of the More Artistic Bad Parking Notes to Leave on Someone’s Car

We Don’t Even Want to Know What That Is on the Windshield

We Bet Mr. Important Gets Many Bad Parking Notes; After All, He Does Own a Nissan!

Bet This Club’s Membership Is Pretty Full

Wouldn’t It Be Great to Have This Handy Bad Parking Checklist in Your Car at All Times?

Spell-check Your Print-able Bad Parking Notes, Please

Never Underestimate the Fleas from a Thousand Camels

Apparently, Spiderman Needs to Park His Car, Too

Must Be a Boston Red Sox Fan Living in Chicago

Where’s Writing Paper When You Need It?

This Bad Parking Note Is Illustrated, in Case You Don’t Get the Picture

Don’t Park Like a Tool If You Don’t Want Notes Like This Left on Your Car

You Gotta Appreciate the Wit on This Bad Parking Card

“You Can Always Trust a Dishonest Person to Be Dishonest.”

Don’t Ever Come Between a Man and His Freshly-Shoveled Parking Spot

Park Responsibly! Nobody Wants Grandma’s Death on Their Hands

Be Thankful for Honest Neighbors

This Bad Parking Note Proves That If You Park Improperly, People Will Not Look After Your Car

We’re Pretty Sure This Note Is From Tony Soprano

This Passive Aggressive Parking Note Tells It Like It Is

The Ultimate in Passive Aggressive Parking Notes… Telling the Meter Maid to Bugger Off!

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Guess We Know How the Writer of This Note Votes…