Hillbilly Solutions That Actually Seem Really Unsafe


Make Sure You’re Comfortable Before Hitting the Golf Course

Make Sure Your Kids Have Something Safe to Teeth on

Make Sure Your Woman Hangs on Tight When Joyriding Your John Deere

Wait 30 Minutes After Eating Before Jumping Off Your Picnic Boat

Stay Cool During a Heat Wave

Thoroughly Cook Your Meats

Monster Trucks Make Great Play Areas for Toddlers

Make Sure Your DIY Hottub Has Plenty of Support

Wear a Helmet During Contact Sports

When in Doubt, Feel Free to Use Your Buddy as a Bungee Cord

Make Sure to Wear Protective Padding When Scootering (No Helment Neccessary)

Keep Your Window Wiper Handy

Wear Proper Eye Protection When Using the Saw

Always Carry a Spare in Case of Flats

When Traveling, Strap Down Your Belongings Tight

Never Venture out into the Woods Without a Full Tank

Never Be Afraid to Ask for a Helping Hand

Ensure That Your Streetlight Always Has a Fresh Bulb

Be Prepared for (Very Small) Disasters

If It Don’t Fit, Make It

Rides Just Like a Goodyear

Don’t Forget to Update Your Pipes from Time to Time

Make Sure Your Hood Is Secure Before Hitting the Road

Always Trust Duck Tape

Trim off Branches That Look Like They Might Fall

Always Plug up Gas Leaks Without Delay

Make Sure You Get Enough to Eat While Swimming

Don’t Ever Settle for Low Quality Pick-Up Jacks

Protect Yourself from Motorcycle Accidents

Make Sure You Give Yourself Plenty of Room During Oil Changes

Give Your Sinks the Foundations They Need

Protect Your Baby’s Ears When Getting Wasted in a Noisy Bar

Teach Your Kids the Importance of Health and Fitness