20 Insane Fan Theories About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead theory examples: Is Rick immortal, the leader of a blood-thirsty gang, or making all of this up inside his comatose brain pan? Will Negan kill Maggie, Daryl, or finally get around to Glenn as depicted in the comics? Or will he kill someone else entirely? Maybe Carol, Abraham, or Morgan?
There’s lots to ponder, for sure. As the seasons wear on, fan theories about The Walking Dead characters shift and change. Are Rick and Co. the good guys or the bad guys? Will Carl survive into old age to tell the next generation about the world before? Check out these popular Walking Dead fan theories before Negan gets here and all hell breaks loose.

Eventually All of the Walkers Will Decompose, Man Will Still Be His Own Worst Enemy

Sure, you may have some chompers growing out of a tree or see a skull pop up in a storm drain, but eventually the world’s zombie population will die out. Considering that we’re just a few years into the apocalypse on The Walking Dead, our heroes have a ways to go before Walker herds are a thing of the past. Enid and Carl’s grandchildren may only know this world through storytelling. And getting stabbed in the head on your deathbed is no big.
The biggest threat will be war between surviving groups, separated by geography and leadership philosophies. TWD may end in the middle of a civil war, with an insane battle scene.

Babies Don’t Have the Virus and We Find Out in a Terrible Way

Redditor jonkurtis posted a theory that many fans have held for a long time. Those born just after the apocalypse are immune from the virus. The way we’ll find this out? Judith will die and not turn.

Carl Is Telling This Story as an Old Man

Ever wonder why they don’t just kill Carl? He seems to be fireproof. Even his hat survives the most grisly attacks, especially when he loses an eye. Maybe the reason Carl survives is that the entire series is Carl, as an old man, remembering the heroes who made the new world possible.

Despite Everyone’s Best Efforts, This Is Mankind’s Extinction Event

Turns out CDC doctor Edwin Jenner was correct. The virus that turns humans into zombies is game over for humans. We’re just watching the death spiral of mankind. Rick will last to the bitter end, all alone, the last remnant of man, monologuing into the abyss with a Southern accent.

It Was Just All Rick’s Coma Dream

We’ve been watching this crazy world from inside Rick’s fevered brain as he lies in a coma. All of the characters in the world work at the hospital. Hershel’s the doctor. Maggie is a nurse. Daryl is probably a patient in the bed next to Rick’s. Carol is a badass surgeon. The hospital food is worthy of Terminus, etc.
Kirkman debunked the theory on Twitter saying, “Rick is NOT still in a coma. The events of TWD are definitely happening.” But he did fling this fan theory pizza up on the roof about Carl. “He actually NEVER found his family. He’s been crazy since he killed his first zombie. #joking?”

The Walking Dead Is a Study in Human History, Hobbesian Theory

As Redditor zeptimius sees it, Robert Kirkman is simply retelling the history of mankind. “My pet theory is that the makers of TWD are retelling human history through the series. I offer the follow [sic] clues: The farm in season two represents the invention of agriculture and the end of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle (note the hunting accident that triggers it). Woodbury in season three represents the Roman Empire, complete with gladiator games and an insane, cruel guy at the top.
The deadly epidemic in season four represents the Black Death and the Middle Ages. Alexandria represents the aristocracy of the 17th century, living in luxury but oblivious of the harshness of the world ‘out there.’ The only thing that doesn’t really fit is Terminus. What do you make of this idea?”
That’s where the Hobbesian theory comes in. In response to the horrors that were done to them, the Terminates began to terrorize and cannibalize others, to rule absolutely so as not to be victims again. Kind of like where Rick and the crew are in Season 6.

A Cure Is Found – Fat Lot of Good It’ll Do Rick and the Crew

This fan theory states that there is a cure, but it’s just going to take a while to distribute. Getting to all of the survivors may take a while. And then the cure may not fix the issue of when we die, we turn. Redditor MichaeljBerry suggests, “Basically, and I’m thinking in a science fiction way here, long term people would have to get some kind of device implanted in them that fries their brain when their heart stops.” Until then, Rick has Michonne to lop off his head if he dies in his sleep.

Everyone Is Hearing Impaired and Can’t Hear Walkers Or Other Dangers Coming

You’d think Michonne and Daryl would have excellent hearing because they mainly use a katana crossbow, but since Daryl picked up a rocket launcher in Season 6, and Michonne has had to use just as many firearms as the others, this theory about hearing loss may be accurate. What else explains the fact that the group doesn’t hear invaders or huge Walker herds before it’s too late?
Redditor f*ckyoubarry says, “In The Walking Dead, Walkers can get so close unnoticed because the main characters are all suffering from a large amount of hearing loss from repeatedly firing off guns without hearing protection.” Or repeated thwacking Walkers until their own ears ring.

They End Up on an Island

And they hang out with what’s left of the Fear the Walking Dead group. Just kidding. Those people are doomed. They don’t even have a Carol.
Islands and zombies are tricky. Just ask the characters in Dawn of the Dead or Zombie Island. But if you think about it, it might be more defensible than a wall. Luring sharks to eat the sea Walkers, a 360 look-out, Daryl makes coconut island rat ceviche, and a relaxed tanned Rick makes better decisions. This could be the best possible scenario for the group. Is this the reward after an all-out bloodbath with an adversarial group?

Rick Is Immortal – A Zombie the Whole Time

This fan theory is elaborate, but kind of fun. Rick has the disease like everyone else, but unlike everyone else, the virus is dormant within him. The dormancy keeps him from harm and from turning, and also helps him survive the coma. Being perpetually reanimated by the virus is also what makes Rick cranky and a little chompy at times.

America Is the Only Country That Is Infected

A la 28 Days Later, maybe North America is the only place that’s infected due to any sort of disaster, and the country is sealed off from the rest of the world. That’s probably the only time Mexico will pay for a wall. Maybe all of the surviving groups are being observed as a real life training exercise to see what happens in such an event. Just as Rick and Co. are about to be annihilated in an all-out war with another group, international troops storm in and save them all.

Walkers Evolve

Although Walkers seem to be decomposing on The Walking Dead, what if some newly dead ones didn’t? What if something about the virus changed within certain people and they instead managed to function on a higher level than the average Walker? Would they be able to talk? Negotiate? Be used in a terrifying army, controlled by one sick mind? Or would they simply have the ability to shoot down Rick’s latest scheme?

Walker Rick

In the comics, there’s an all-out war with Negan and the Saviors. We see the same premise brewing in season six of the TV show. But TV viewers might want to consider what happens in the comics in issue #125. Rick is betrayed by Dwight, a Savior who defected, who shoots Rick with a crossbow bolt coated in Walker guts. You may survive a wound, but when it’s contaminated, you’re doomed. Will the series end with Walker Rick? Will anyone be able to tell the difference

Will Rick Ever Lose a Hand Even If Andrew Lincoln Asks for It?

In the graphic novel, The Governor cuts off Rick’s hand in #28, leaving Rick to find a new way to function one-handed in the way with Woodberry. Will the big face off with Negan take the form of Rick losing his hand instead of a character actually dying? Remember that time Andrew Lincoln asked the producers to cut off his hand? “You know, I campaigned two seasons ago when the Governor was around… I was saying, ‘You’ve gotta do the hand guys!’ And Victor, who was in charge of special effects, just said, ‘No, no no no. Anybody else but not you. It’ll cost a fortune with green screen and blue screen.’

Carol Will Kill Morgan

This theory comes from Dustin Knowles at Uproxx. He thinks that Scott Gimple has been setting us up for an inevitable showdown between Carol and Morgan. Morgan may be a good man, but he’s a danger to the community. Carol, struggling with her stone cold nature, lit out of Alexandria after the episode “Twice as Far,” but if Daryl has anything to do with it, she’ll be back. And when/if she does return, she might have to dispatch Morgan for the greater good. That will leave deep scars and make fans come up off their couches and scream, but it might just have to happen.

Will Daryl and Jesus Hook Up?

In the comics, Jesus is gay. We’re not sure yet what’s up with Daryl’s sexuality. Will Daryl find Jesus? Will fans implode? Or will Jesus open up a whole new fan base for the franchise?

Aliens Started the Virus

Did aliens use the virus to get rid of humans once and for all? 
Redditor mrgoodnighthairdo’s theory focuses on the fact that Walkers also snack on non-humans and there hasn’t been any “cross-species transmission” of the virus. That means that the virus was designed to pinpoint humans.
He states, “I have a working theory that the virus is the product of a highly advanced extraterrestrial intelligence, designed to eliminate the capacity of the dominant species of Earth (humans) from opposing colonization while also mitigating any real damage to the environment (and possibly infrastructure).”

Rick and Co. Are Actually Terrorizing the World, There Are No Zombies

First theory: Rick and the crew are thrill-killing maniacs roaming the world, justifying their spree by calling everyone a Walker. Fueling this theory is the Season 5 episode in which Tyreese dies. After Tyreese is bitten, he hallucinates as the fever takes hold. He hears the BBC broadcast of widespread attacks. The broadcast, narrated by Andrew Lincoln in his true British accent, details the group’s journey so far. Tyreese is visited by several of the group’s victims, including The Governor.
Second theory: The broadcast is exactly as it was intended; to reflect upon the times Tyreese’s father had him listen to world news, to get a sense of human evil and to not shelter him from it. And his realization that sometimes the good guys are really the bad guys all along.
Read the full broadcast transcript here.
There’s wild theories, then there’s this insane one involving one of the big stars.

Walkers Are Powered by the Sun

If the dead can come back to life, this theory from morasyid on Reddit could be just as true. Just like that solar-powered lantern you got on sale last summer, Walkers are powered by the sun… to a point. This could explain why they can go indefinitely without food. The sun metabolizes the Walker’s cells. Moraysyid also suggests this is why Walkers stuck in dark places are more still unless disturbed, alerted by the prospect of food.

Poor Dental Hygiene Led to the Apocalypse

Terrified of the dentist? Well, dental chickens, you may be the cause of the zombie apocalypse one day if Redditor ThirstyOne is correct about this theory: “The zombie apocalypse infection is actually a highly virulent form of gingivitis or other oral diseases, no doubt caused by poor oral hygiene in the world in which the story takes place. The condition of the zombies is caused by the proximity of the rotting teeth to the brain.” Floss or die.