Jokes You Only Understand If You Love Wine More than People

Should you drink today? Or should you drink today and tomorrow? It’s always tough decision, that one. One thing that you can decide on, though, is how much you love wine – and it’s definitely more than people if you understand exactly what these funny wine jokes are getting at. So kick off your shoes, pull out your favorite glass, and don’t worry so much – it’s definitely not too early in the day to have your first glass of wine.

I want to meet this little guy

Sounds about right

You only drink once a week if that, right?

Sounds like a great night

Wine can be a liar sometimes…

So true

Challenge accepted

Let’s be honest…

Solid reasoning

The double standard is real

What wine is for

“One drink”

Right there with you

Wine hangovers be like

Amateur mistake

It’ll eventually happen

So that’s what Alice and Wonderland is all about…


Tragic when this happens

I don’t have a problem if it’s one glass a night, right?

Big difference

Texts for everyone

Oh really?

A new name for your wine hangover

Where does the time go?

Sounds legit

Watch out guys

All of us relate to this

Please God…

One does not simply…

Do I *have* to?