51 Works of Latte Art You'll Never Want to Drink Away

This isn’t a bunch of flowers or swirls, it’s accurate-looking faces. It’s foam animals taken to the next level: the face of John Lennon in latte art, the famous stick-out-tongue portrait of Einstein in milk foam and even a 3D giraffe made to jump out of the cup. This is some seriously awesome stuff.

A Cat Reaching Into a Koi Pond

The Peanuts Gang

Another Awesome Einstein

Kazuki Yamamoto’s Giraffe

Kohei’s Matsuno’s the Scream


I Couldn’t Do This With a Pen. With a PEN!

A Little Bear Drowning in Your Latte (Awww!)


Who You Gonna Drink?

Sonic the Hedgehog

Nyanko Sensei the Cat (by Kazuki Yamamoto)

This Incredibly Detailed Ape

Grumpy Cat

via /u/ epicboob

Another Drowning Teddy Bear

Anime Art Getting Swallowed Up



John Lennon

This Incredibly Detailed Snoopy

Harry Potter! Harry Potter! (Kazuki Yamamoto)

Kohei Matsuno’s Einstein Portrait

These Clothed Bears

Thomas the Tank Engine

Jack Skellington


All 3 Powerpuff Girls

Kenny McCormick

A Cheshire Cat Coffee Art Tutorial

My Neighbor Totoro

Why So Caffeinated

Someone Got This in San Francisco On a Rainy Day


Yotsuba Koiwai


DragonBall Z Latte Art!

This Awesome Milk Froth Monster

Barack Obama

Some Human Anatomy

I’m a Latte Shaaaaaaaark


Adventure Time Latte Art

Fallout Game Coffee Foam Art (by Kazuki Yamamoto)

The Original Rageface

An Atari Controller!

Because of Course Someone Made This