Melodramatic Letters from Kids Who May Need a Hug

Kids have no filter. Sometimes, that can be helpful. Say, if you want to know if a certain outfit makes you look fat. Other times, it can be frustrating. Say, if you don’t want to know if a certain outfit makes you look fat. But mostly, when kids let their brutal honesty rip, it’s just plain hilarious. Need proof? Look no further than these funny letters from kids.
This hilarious group of kids took that whole “honesty is the best policy” thing to heart. In these adorable notes, kids take on everyone from the Tooth Fairy to God himself. They explain why they refuse to do their chores and also why they are planning on running away (hint: it’s because you think they farted).
Whether you’re a parent or not, you’ll get a kick out of these funny kid letters. Who knows, someday you may be on the receiving end of one of your own. 
This Little One Faces the World with No Illusions

Brooke So Has Her Mom’s Back

It Doesn’t Take Much, Folks

This Little Dude Regrets Nothing. Nothing!

Frankie Is Going to be Voted “Most Likely to Live On His Mom’s Couch at 37”

Seriously, Workbook. What Are You Trying to Pull, Here?

Mom and Dad, You Have Been Served the Silence Treatment

This Little Guy Isn’t One to Beat Around the Bush

This Kid Will Change Plans for No One

Hey, a Kid’s Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

This Little Lady Would Like to Request a Replacement, Please

The Truth Must Be Told!

It’s Hard to Find Good Help These Days

It’s Time to Call It Quits When…

Get with the Program, God

This Little Lady Has It All Planned Out

Sorry Tooth Fairy, Annisa Got an “A” in Math AND the Art of Not Playing

He Doesn’t Ask for Much

Best S.O.S. Ever

I Spy a Parent-Teacher Conference on the Horizon

Subtly Nailing It

This Guy: Least Likely to Give a Sh*t About Society’s Expectations

This Little Chick Knows It’s About the Ends, Not the Means

Seriously, Santa. This Year There Shall Be No Playing.

The Last Time Mrs. McMahon Taught the “Honesty Is the Best Policy” Lesson

You Might be a Bum When…

Your Fate Is Sealed

Well at Least She Gave Written Notice of the Lease Termination

Go Ahead and Chuckle. Or Don’t. The Saddest Person in the World Does Not Care.

Merry Christmas from Blunt-a Claus!

Hey, Something’s Better Than Nothing, Right?

Seriously, Val. Take this Opportunity to Run Screaming Into the Night