28 PDA Memes That Will Remind You No One Wants To See That

PDA is an ongoing and ever-changing epidemic, but thankfully PDA memes are here to help your lonely ass get through it. As the nature of interaction shifts amid the advent of social media, nowadays you’ll find PDA occurs just as frequently on your timeline as it does in the marching band section of the bleachers. PDA photos permeate everything from Facebook to Instagram, so arm yourselves with PDA memes to ward off any unwanted displays of affection.
Whether you find yourself for PDA or against it, these PDA memes serve as a helpful guide for all digital and physical situations of PDA, the worst romantic gesture on the planet. If you’re into PDA, these PDA pictures will hopefully break it to you easy what you’re doing wrong and why you need to cease and desist. If you absolutely despise PDA, then PDA photos give you the power to stand up for yourself the next time you face it on a subway platform. Because when you get down to it, PDA stands for one thing only: pretty damn annoying.

Rest In Peace

Two Couples One Dude

If You’re Doing Any Of These… Stop It

Better In Thought Than Practice

Bae Caught Me PDA

No More Face Sucking

Oh Deer

Public Displays Of Weirdness

Kiss Of Death

Parental PDA

The Long And Short Of It

Advantage: Lonely

P Derp A

Having A Couple Problems

Anti-PDA Cat

The Kids Are Amorous

Just Don’t Do It

Facebook PDA Bites

Love Not Actually

The Right Way To PDA

It’s Time To Face Facts

No Means No

A Moment Of Paws

Freeze, Gophers!

Suffering From PDA Face

Mental X-Files

The Ugly Truth About PDA

PDA Counts On Facebook