People in Fast Food Restaurants Who Should Maybe Think Twice

From creative ways to get through the drive thru to awkward fast food signs, these funny fast food photos are one of the only good things coming out of those greasy kitchens. So sit back, bust out that extra large order of fries, and get ready for the fun to begin as we take a look at some of the funniest and most bizarre fast food moments ever caught on film.
Whether you’re only an occasional fast food offender or pretty much live for the dollar menu, you’re sure to get a kick out of some of the antics played out in fast food joints all over the world.

Bedrock’s Most Popular Fast Casual Spot

They’ll Never Forget This Guy’s Extra Pickles Again


But Really, What IS a Car?

Home of the Low Employee Standards

The McFinger Photo Bomb

Future Vegetarian

Ronald Goes Rogue

Can I Get Extra Hay with That?

Wheels = Car. Science.

Damn. Did the Shoes Give Me Away?

The Direct Approach to Keeping Cool

Humpday Snacks for Everyone!

Think Outside the Bike

Now Accepting Toddlers and American Express

What? Being Evil Burns a Ton of Calories

It May Be Time for an Intervention

A Literal Take on the Drive THRU

Can I Get Fries with That?

The McHoneymoon Ends in a Bathroom Stall

Plenty of Fries, Though

The Horrible Truth Behind Ronald’s Perpetual Smile

Something Tells Us He’s a Regular

True Love

I Knew We Should’ve Sprung for Olive Garden

For Some Reason, This Seasonal Treat Was Not Popular

The DIY Convertible Caravan

Miss July in the Sexy Women of Mcdonald’s Calender

Would You Like Pants with That?