People Who Tried To Be Sexy And Failed Miserably

Seduction may be timeless, but it is most certainly not easy. In fact, attempts to be sexy often crash and burn before anyone could even consider being seduced. When posted on the Internet, purveyor of all things sexy, these failures are displayed for all to see and shudder, which is the case with these photos.
These are the crème de la crème of sexy picture fails, a cautious reminder to all out there who think they’re too sexy for their shirts: most likely, you’re not. Selfie tragedies, sext fails, and poses that will never be sexy, if these photos were booty calls, they’d be promptly ignored.

             We’ve Got A Floater
             Dad Joke
             House Of Cards
              Skin Flute
              Keep It In The Dark
             She’s On A Roll
             Going Bananas
             Power Tool
             Honky Tonky Blues
              Laying It On Thick
             One Ticket To The Gun Show
             “Give Me Sexy-And-Uncomfortable”
            You Move, Ernie
             Has 9 Lives Yet Still No Time For Your BS
            Oh Jesus
              Sexy Gets Unsettling
             Not Fast Not Furious
             Fruit Of His Loins
              The Sword Of A Thousand Truths
              Coming Up Jort
             Sexy Emergency
            Tongue Tied